Boston Parent Organizing Network (BPON)






Boston Parent Organizing Network organizes, develop and support parentsand families who are marginalized by class, race, language, disability and immigration status to  work with and hold accountable the Boston Public Schools to provide an excellent education for all students.

In all we do we are guided by these principles:

  • Parents and families are the most effective advocates and leaders to bring about lasting improvements in student education.
  • Parents, families and students are the key source to identify the educational needs of children and youth.
  • Networking and collaboration among community based organizations and school based parent groups are necessary to effect system-wide change
  • Both system-wide and community-based issues must be addressed collectively to assure sustained success.

Our Vision

Because of BPON's effectiveness parents and families who are marginalized by class, race, language, disability and immigration status directly influence decision making at all levels of the Boston Public School System.


209 Green Street 3rd Floor
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
United States
Key Partners: 

Current organizational members include ACEDONE, ACORN, Black Ministerial Alliance, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Center for Collaborative Education, City Life/Vida Urbana, Citywide Parents Council, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, East Boston Ecumenical Community Council, East Boston High School Family Center, EDLaw Project, English High School Family Center, Families First Parenting Programs, Hyde Square Task Force, Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion, JP Unidos, Massachusetts Advocates for Children, MassCOSH, Mass English Plus Coalition, Sociedad Latina, Trotter School Parent Council, and the Young Achievers Pilot School Family Association.

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Visit the membership application page, found at Also check out BPON's job opportunities.

Key Programs Offered: 

Since its formation in 1999, BPON has built on the strengths of its organizational members and thousands of parent volunteers to achieve significant change at both the school and district levels.  BPON is recognized as a powerful and unique force in reform of the BPS, creating consensus among diverse parents, developing their power through leadership training and amplifying their voices, and wielding this power in unified action.

BPON's focus is on engaging families to provide leadership in achieving excellent education for all BPS students.