Charles Street AME Roxbury Renaissance Center




The Historic Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church, located in Roxbury, Massachusetts, has a long and rich history of activism and community service that began in 1818 and continues to the present. In the year 2000, this congregation had a vision to spark a "Roxbury Renaissance," a renewal of the commitment among members in the African American community who dare to dream that Roxbury, Dorchester, and indeed all of Boston can be a better place for the most vulnerable among us - our children and elders. Eight years later, and after over $2 million raised through the Vision to Victory Capital Campaign to build a state-of-the-art facility, the Charles Street AME Roxbury Renaissance Center (RRC) has become the place Where Roxbury Comes To Dream Again. Our mission is to advocate for the needs of community residents and to strengthen individuals, families, and the community by providing social, educational, economic, and cultural services.


5 Elm Hill Avenue
Roxbury, MA 02121
United States
Key Partners: 

Charles Street AME,

Key Programs Offered: 

The Maafa Middle School Project seeks to ease the transition from childhood to young adulthood by encouraging middle school students to resist violence, persevere in school, and go to college. It also empowers the community to mobilize to make sure that these students are given the best opportunity to make their dreams a reality. The Hamilton-Garrett Music and Arts Academy passes on the rich legacy of the African-American musical heritage and equips youth with the skills to shape their own culture with musical products that reflect the positive strivings, hopes, and dreams of a people who have struggled for peace, justice, and love for generations. The Roxbury Senior Care Program serves Roxbury's "gems of wisdom" and empowers seniors to realize their dreams of aging with dignity and self-respect, by providing resources to help them maintain safe, healthy, and independent lifestyles.