Clubhouse Idol Competition, Mar. 10 - Apr. 8

The Dorchester Clubhouse (at Boys and Girls Club(s) of Dorchester) welcomes singers ages 10-18 to register for Clubhouse Idol--Dorchester's own rendition of the famed "American Idol" competition. Open auditions for Clubhouse Idol will take place Thursday, March 10 (Walter Denney Youth Center, 270 Mount Vernon Street) & Friday, March 11 (Clubhouse at the 1135 Dorchester Avenue Paul R. McLaughlin Youth Center). Please arrive at 5:30 p.m. Feel free to join the Audition Party in the BGC Dorchester Teen Center while you wait for your audition. 

Subsequent rounds will take place March 25 and April 8 at the Music Clubhouse. Contest winner will perform at Berklee College of Music on Saturday, May 14. Please contact Ayeisha Mathis (BGCD Music Director) for more information at or 617.288.7120 x1410. Registration form and flyer are attached to this post.

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