Drying & Using Herbs from the Garden (CHANGED), Sep. 10

Workshop CHANGED. A pinch of fresh garden herbs can add spice, aroma, and health to your favorite meals, medicinal teas, and even your home. Learn how to harness the benefits of some common herbs you've grown to love. Meet at Nightingale Community Garden, 512 Park St., Dorchester. This free event, open to the public, is organized by the Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN). To register and for further information, contact BNAN at 617-542-7696 or write to info@bostonnatural.org. For updates, maps to locations and further details, visit www.bostonnatural.org. This event replaces the 9/10 "Putting Your Garden to Bed" workshop, which was rescheduled for October 8th (see here).

(Photo Credit: Tim Sackton)