Teen Center at St. Peter's Job Shadowing Program

On Wednesday April 20th and Thursday April 21st, students from Catholic Charities Teen Center at St. Peter’s will “shadow” a mentor from a local business or organization. In a recent Job Shadowing event, teens shadowed at the State House, City Hall, universities, non-profits, and at banks, to name a few sites. Their experience connected the work that they do on a daily basis in their schools with the success that that work leads to in life. For many teens, it is a rare, if not first, opportunity to see what it means to work in a professional environment. One teen reported finding his career through Job Shadowing. For more information, contact Peter Roby at (617) 282-3614 or peter_roby@ccab.org, or continue on after the break.

            This is the impact that you and your co-workers can have on young people, simply by inviting them into your normal work day. The rewards that Job Shadowing can have are not solely for the youth; companies with volunteer programs often experience a boost in morale. Employees can take pride in the fact that their company is trying to make a real difference in the community, while feeling fulfilled in the personal role they have taken as mentors.

            If you are interested in participating, please contact Peter Roby, via phone or email with what day you would like students and how many students you can host. Included in an attached packet is a more detailed description of the job-shadowing program as well as a Mentor Profile form to help match organizations with interested teens.  

Peter Roby
Catholic Charities Teen Center at St. Peter's
Career Center Specialist
278 Bowdoin Street
Boston, MA, 02122
Phone: (617) 282-3614
Fax: (617) 822-8951

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