"Ratatouille" (Redux) at Dot 2 Dot Cafe, Aug. 5

Dot 2 Dot CafeThe Friday, August 5 edition of "Dinner and a Movie" at Dot 2 Dot Cafe features mouthwatering cuisine and a cook's worst nightmare: Dot 2 Dot will screen Pixar's "Ratatouille," the charming tale of a rat whose culinary ability by far exceeds that of his trembling human friend. From Dot 2 Dot:

This is an excellent, tongue-in-cheek (humans not rats) look at the restaurant business, the role of the food critic, romance (again humans not rats) and the preposterous idea that 'anyone can cook'. One of Pixar's finest and if you missed out because you couldn't find a child to drag along (yes, we've all been there), now's your chance to enjoy a great movie, great food, BYOB child-free or otherwise.

View Friday's menu at http://www.dot2dotcafe.com/dinner.html. To make a reservation, call the Cafe on 617 436 2368. Children are welcome to bring cushions or beach chairs.