Youth and Families

SCI Dorchester supports DotWell and the Dorchester House Multi-Service Center in a wide variety of youth-oriented programming. The youth services can be divided into several categories:

Early Childhood School Readiness:
  • Dorchester House Multi-Service Center serves as the hub agency for Field's Corner Children's Thrive, the Dorchester site of Thrive in 5's Ready Families initiative. As partners of the health center, DotWell and SCI Dorchester supports its school readiness efforts. Field's Corner Children's Thrive conducts School Readiness Roundtables & surveys educators, parents, doctors, service providers, and more in order to provide multicultural, multi-faceted outreach to the community at large.
Enrichment of Primary School Education:
Youth Outreach and Programming:
  • Generation Next Academy Teen Center is a place where youth can gain the necessary skills to prepare for their future. The program is designed to foster growth amongst all of its participants through education, exploration and hands on experience opportunities. Held at the Dorchester House Multi-Service Center, 1353 Dorchester Avenue, in Field's Corner.