Our Program Priority Areas

SCI Dorchester offers programming in the following priority areas. Click on the titles of the programming areas for more specific programming information:

  • 1) Engaging Youth - SCI Dorchester’s youth civic engagement programming fosters new approaches for empowering youth to develop active citizenship and leadership skills. The Generation Next Academy (GNA) provides leadership training to youth who then mobilize their peers to get involved. SCI Dorchester realizes a focus on youth is essential in order to reverse a long-term decline in civic engagement. Past projects include a mini-grants program to support youth-initiated projects in Dorchester - GNA participates in various service learning projects and community events.

  • 2) Building Bridges - By facilitating communications and collaboration between DotWell and other organizations, SCI Dorchester helps bring community members from all backgrounds together. Past events and programs have included the "Safe Love" dance and resource fair, a MyDorchester Night celebration, Neighborhood Day, a Martin Luther King Day Oral History Project. In addition MyDorchester provides Dorchester's only online Neighborhood Guide and a comprehensive Community Calendar of Events.

  • 3) Developing Community Leaders - SCI Dorchester develops the leadership skills of community residents through a number of projects. The Volunteer Program is an opportunity for eager volunteers to connect with Dorchester's civic groups, and non-profit organizations via volunteering opportunities.

  • 4) Connecting Citizens - SCI Dorchester uses information technology to connect people to resources and information that they might not otherwise find out about, to help encourage participation within the community. Our weekly eBlast newsletter provides 2,300+ subscribers with local community events, jobs, trainings, volunteer opportunities, and more. The Neighborhood Guide helps local residents and groups find out about local resources and also helps those outside Dorchester become familiar with the neighborhood's existing assets.