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ROY - Reclaim Our Youth Kickball!!!

Who wants more kickball?

After the tremendous success of our ROY Summer event, we are putting together another round or rounds of kickball. If you missed our annual event, no need to worry, you'll still get the same tenacity, competitiveness and fun at these games. So many have reached out and said, that they wish they could have made it out and that they really wanted to play.

Now's your chance to come out. get sum and have some fun!

Marcella Park, Roxbury (Fort Hill Area), 02119

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R.O.Y. Reclaim Our Youth Summer Event

 Roxbury, MA – July 23, 2013 – As adults we all go through a checklist of excuses to not live outside of the boxes that we build for ourselves. Some of us don’t have children, but the responsibilities of being a responsible adult can still be just as demanding. What would you give to be able to go back to the simpler times in your life?  When your biggest worries were; what ice cream flavor to get, what outfit to wear, and what you were going to do for fun?

Well now is your chance to relive it all over again! Reclaim Our Youth (R.O.Y.) was founded in 2012 and invites adults to participate in youthful activities, outdoor play and uninhibited fun. If it’s even for a day, come out and enjoy friendly, intense competition with other like minded and fun-loving adults. >> Read More

Season Opening Hike

It’s become tradition for Hike4Life members and friends to kick off a new year’s Hiking season with a memorable hike through the Blue Hills. This will be another year of great hikes, great people and great opportunities. We’ve put together a great team of people to help make this a successful year. We’re looking forward to adding more friends, family, supporters and volunteers to our group!

Our first hike of 2013 will be the kick off to another great year. We’re going to meet at location 1203 (Border Path) on your Blue Hills Reservation Map. >> Read More

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