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A Singer's Confession, A Play

A Singer’s Confession, a play by Deborah A. Sage
Starring: Mike Payne, Michele Eunis, Alex Lee
Playwright/Producer: Deborah A. Sage
Director: Michelle Eunis, Assistant Director: Patrick Forde

Saturday, October 9, 2010 • 7:00pm
Second Church in Dorchester, A Church of the Nazarene
44 Moultrie St, Codman Square, Dorchester, MA

In a small church, chaos breaks out when Tony, a popular music minister, reveals his fall from grace. His confession triggers memories of an old secret, transforming the likeable Pastor Lewis into a tyrant and revealing a dark side no one had seen before. As members take sides the story climaxes in a spectacular finale.

Be prepared to laugh and be entertained but more importantly, expect a real life message before you leave this performance.

Doors open 6:30 pm. Free Admission, Love Offering will be taken.

Cast: Minister Mike Payne, Michelle Eunis, Alex Lee, Monique J. Brown, Melissa Erilus, Ava-Ann Townsend, David Graves, Diana St. Louis, Joseph, Kemisha Davis-Estwick, Ken, Pastor Samuel N. Alexander, Patrick G. Forde, Sherylynn Sealy, Yessica Arias, Alain Catume.

Contact: Debbie Sage at 857.294.9845 or

Sponsored by: Giving Hearts Ministry, The AgapeVine Christian Arts Network, Second Church in Dorchester and New England Sarau

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