Boston Adult Technical Academy


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The Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA) is committed to helping the non-traditional learner in the Boston Public Schools. BATA believe that every student is capable of achieving his/her goals through a demonstration of proficiency in core academic areas and in life skills. The staff at the Boston Adult Technical Academy believes strongly in preparing every student for academic life beyond high school.


429 Norfolk St.
Boston, MA 02124-4025
United States

BATA is a high school diploma program where students learn through student-centered instruction based upon assignments and projects with clearly defined academic standards and benchmarks. Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) and the Workshop model are instructional strategies used throughout the school, helping to increase literacy and provide rich and rigorous content for students mastering English. Students are provided with challenging instruction in core subject areas -- Mathematics, English/ESL, Science, Social Studies -- and they compile, present, and defend a portfolio that exhibits their learning development across these subjects. Students apply their knowledge and skills to real-world projects and other learning activities.

Any student and Boston resident, age 18-22, is eligible to attend BATA. Students should visit the school (2nd floor of the Madison Park Building) to receive a letter to take to the Family Resource Center. After being assigned through the Family Resource Center students will take a placement exam and then receive their schedule of classes. This process usually takes 3 days.