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In an effort to support local business, especially those businesses that give to the Dorchester community, MyDorchester features a Business of the Month. Businesses are selected based on three criteria: contribution to the Dorchester community, quality of service/product, and being locally owned in Dorchester.

FunTea Café
1472 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
(right by Fields Corner T Stop)

FunTea Cafe

Tapioca pearls. Taro pudding. An endless selection of flavors. This international bubble tea bistro offers the finest blended drinks you’ll find in all of Dorchester. 

Thuan Vien and his wife Kelly Chang set up shop in February 2010. Kelly’s family operates a "FunTea" in Vietnam and the Fields Corner tea joint is well on its way to making tapioca a family tradition. While many of Dot Ave’s cafes and Banh Mi shops offer bubble tea, FunTea can claim serious expertise. Says Chang: the cafe is the only shop solely dedicated to the delicious drink.

What brings in the cash at FunTea Café? The "Red" Tea is a best-seller, but true strength comes in numbers. There are so many options that even the picky (or allergenic) can find something to savor. Fruit, root, dairy, jelly. Funtea offers ice cream and smoothies with or without tea, drinks blended or just on ice. The many options of bubbles include tapioca pearls (most popular), milk pudding, chocolate pudding, taro pudding, tri-color jelly, coffee jelly, eggnog pudding and mango pudding.

Who's shopping? Lunchtime wanderers and traveling tea fiends provide some clientele; young teen students may form the core, rushing in with a sweet tooth after school. Around 4:30 or 5:00 an older, college crowd comes by. The cafe does well for its strong community outreach: windows and street-side counters sport fliers and event posters on local goings-on so people can stop in and discover Fields Corner. Recently, "Kite Tales" boxes placed in the shop by the Fields Corner Collaborative collected community stories which were then flown sky-high, celebrating neighborhood culture.

The tea is worth a trip: customers come all the way from Medford, Fall River or even New Hampshire just to stock up on their authentic bubble tea for the week. And they come with friends--one of Kelly's favorite FunTea stories features a long time patron and a new customer visiting the cafe. The veteran asked for his usual while his friend ordered the first drink he read on the menu. The new guy returned a few days later and—inspired by his friend—asked for "The Usual," believing it to be a popular drink.

Trust us. You don’t have to stick with status quo to be satisfied. For its fantastic teas and great tie-ins to the community, names FunTea Café May-June Business of the Month!
Crazy for Taro smoothies? You can contact FunTea Café by calling them at 617-288-8882. You can also check them out on Facebook here.

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