MyDorchester Business of the Month, Dec. 2010: Release the Hounds

In an effort to support local business, especially those businesses that give to the Dorchester community, MyDorchester features a Business of the Month. Businesses are selected based on three criteria: contribution to the Dorchester community, quality of service/product, and being locally owned in Dorchester.

December's Business of the Month:
Release the Hounds

Dorchester, MA

Childhood friends Jennifer Shell and Sabrina Shrock have always been avid dog-lovers. This September, they decided to act on it after Jennifer left her employment at the MSPCA, and launched a dog-walking business in Dorchester under the clever name of Release the Hounds. Fear not, dog owners: the hounds go leashed, but let out of doors, they’ll get the attention and exercise they deserve. What job could be more rewarding than taking a stroll with fun, energetic, eternally-loving dogs as your primary clients? According to Jennifer and Sabrina, there isn’t one.

In starting a dog-walking service, Jennifer and Sabrina took their community’s needs into account. When the MyDorchester team met with Release the Hounds, one of the main conclusions we came to was, “Dogs make people happy.” Residents want to live in a community where their neighbors walk pets down the street; it encourages positive social engagement and a safe living environment. Release the Hounds also acts as a champion of animal health. Too often in urban areas, dogs are seen merely as an alarm system, and are left in small backyards to bark ferociously. Jennifer and Sabrina want to change this by providing a simple service to keep both pets and people happy.

Release the Hounds provides tailored and negotiable dog care services. Typical service includes three times daily house visits, with one half-hour in the morning, around noon, and in the evening. But the business is flexible: if an owner feels as though their dog just needs a quick ten-minute walk once a day, RTH will work out an arrangement. Finally, Sabrina and Jen focus on individual care: in order to gain clients’ trust, they always schedule an initial appointment to get to know the owners and dogs.

For their attention to animals and quiet activism, we're proud to name Release the Hound our December 2010 Business of the Month.

Know any paws that need walking? You can contact Release the Hounds by calling them at 617-297-7227, or emailing Or, visit their website here

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