Dot Civic Reports

The Future Of MyDorchester

Thank you all who attended our event, The Future of MyDorchester. It was great hearing feedback from the community.  We are working on a report that we are going to make public & we will post up a survey to those who couldn't make it.

Freeport Adams Civic Meeting | June 13 2012

The Freeport Adams Civic Association's monthly meeting took place at its usual location, the Fields Corner CDC at One Arcadia Street. The meeting began with a police report from Officer Mike Keaney. Joe Piasecki of 20th Century Fox presented the organization with information about filming a movie on Linden Street in Dorchester, a comedy featuring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Erin Anderson from GoLocal MetroBoston also presented information about her organization. The community strongly supported the proposal and are looking forward to see what happens. Beverly and Edwin Hilaire presented information about A Sweet Place, a brand new candy store located at 1514 Dorchester Ave. >> Read More

Upham's Corner Westside Neighborhood Association | June 12 2012

The monthly meeting of the Uphams' Corner Westside Neighborhood Association was held at its usual location, the Upham's Corner Health Center located at 415 Columbia Road. The meeting began with introductions, and members discussed the logistics of usage at the Virginia-Monadnock Community Garden, originally founded by members of the association. Marie Miller delivered police reports and residents voiced concerns about fireworks and disturbances. Joe Rudalf from Victory Programs announced an upcoming Recovery Day BBQ, on June 20th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at 9 Virginia Street. The association moved to a discussion concerning how to participate in meetings. >> Read More

Ashmont Hill Association Monthly Meeting | May 31

The Ashmont Hill Association meeting began with a Welcome and Introductions, and the C-11 Community Police Report was given by Micheal Keaney. A report on this year's Yard Sale was given. Vicki Rugo offered an update on the Peabody Square Farmers' Market for the summer season. Pat Burson discussed the Dot Art: Snazzy Jazzy Arty Party that is coming up on Thursday, June 21. Erin Anderson from GoLocal MetroBoston spoke about the resources the organization offers.

Fuller-Bailey Neighborhood Association Meeting | May 22

The Fuller-Bailey-Burt Neighborhood Association monthly meeting for May took place on Tuesday, May 22, @ 7:00 pm at St. Mark's VFW, located at 69 Bailey Street. Officer Keaney delivered a community crime update. An application for variance had been submitted by a resident at 72 Fuller Street - the resident wishes to add space to the living area in his basement.The upcoming Dorchester Cultural Districts Meeting at the Strand Theatre was announced, held on May 23rd from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.


The next Fuller-Bailey Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 26th. For more information, email

The Dorchester Coalition for Great Neighborhoods | May 22 2012

The Dorchester Coalition for Great Neighborhoods held its monthly meeting at the Erie-Ellington Community Center this month. The association convenes residents, neighborhood associations, public safety, and community development partners, and supports them in collaborative work for the improvement of the neighborhoods within the Washington Street Corridor. The association aims to: convene a monthly daytime public safety meeting for their target area, to raise money and other resources to support youth employment and youth development programs as a means to reduce youth violence, and to work with resident groups to identify neighborhood revitalization projects which result in increased greenspace or cultural opportunities for neighborhoods. >> Read More

Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition | May 8 2012

The Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition held its monthly meeting on May 8 at the Mildred Avenue Community Center. The meeting began with a welcome and introductions. Everyone shared their name and favorite place in Mattapan.Theresa Jordan and Sonia Carter discussed plans for Mattapan Moving for Life. A description of the Fairmount Greenway Project and update on the Neponset Greenway from Eva Joseph and Vivien Morris. There was also discussion of activities and outlets for youth in Mattapan, with updates for Vigorous Youth and The Mattapan Patriots Flag Football team. The Healthy on the Block Corner Store Initiative, Farmers Market, and Mobile Market Project were discussed. >> Read More

Peabody Slope Neighborhood Association | May 7

Peabody Slope Neighborhood Association is a new association in Dorchester. After just four months of existence, the turnout at their monthly meeting was fantastic. Attendees enjoyed coffee from Flat Black in Dorchester, along with cookies and cake in Dorchester Academy. The meeting began with introductions from everyone. Police Reports were given. Residents discussed the lights installed in the neighborhood - many residents feel as though they are not bright enough. Jenny Silverman spoke about the process of forming the Dorchester Food Coop, and discussed how residents can get involved. >> Read More

McCormack Civic Meeting | April 17 2012

McCormack Civic Association met at its usual location, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish Hall on April 17 at 7:00 pm. The meeting began with police reports from officers George Billotte and Mayfield Holliday of C6, as well as Officer Keaney of C11. John McColgan, Chair of Edward Everett Square Residents Committee, presented an update on last Wednesday's meeting. The meeting centered on concerns of crime in the square. Boston Shines in the Polish Triangle will be April 28th. To participate, meet at 9:00 am at Sharon's Park. Concentration areas will include Sharon's Park, Paul's Triangle, Dorchester Ave. and Boston Street. >> Read More

Lower Mills Civic Association Meeting | April 17 2012

The Lower Mills Civic Association Meeting of Monday, April 17, was held at its usual location and time. The meeting featured guest speaker Felix Arroyo. Area B and Area C Community Police Officers were also present to discuss the latest crime in the neighborhood. Brian Grossman discussed replacing and upgrading cell phone antennas at 2262 Dorchester Avenue. The Association then nominated officers and executive board members. B3 Community Service Officer Ruiz is collecting cans & bottles to help pay for their youth activities! The association asks everyone to bring cans and bottles to the next meeting. B3 is also interested in used baseball or softball equipment. The association also thanks Pat's Pizza and Catering Lower Mills for cooking our chili for the chili cookoff last month to benefit the Dorchester Day Parade!