Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative Advisory Group: 1st meeting | June 14

The Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative Advisory Group (FIPI) will hold their first meeting on Thursday, June 14 from 8am to 9am in the BRA Board Room on the 9th floor of City Hall. FIPI is a two year BRA study that will look at short and long term strategies for improving capital investment and job access along the 9.2 mile Fairmount Indigo commuter rail line, which links South Station to Readville, crossing through Roxbury, Mattapan, Hyde Park, and the South Bay, Upham's Corner, Four Corners and Codman Square areas of Dorchester.

All FIPI advisory group meetings are open to the public and will be posted at the BRA website www.bostonredevelopmentauthority.org and at the FIPI website at www.fairmountindigoplanning.org. The public is also encouraged to sign up for meeting notifications by contacting the co-directors of the planning study, Ines Soto-Palmarin, Ines.Soto.BRA@cityofboston.gov, or Jeremy Rosenberger, Jeremy.Rosenberger.BRA@cityofboston.gov. 

FIPI is the BRA’s largest planning study to date and will impact 190,000 residents, or nearly one third of Boston’s population, who live within a half-mile of the commuter rail line.  The study will identify corridor wide opportunities for commercial and residential development, transit access, public realm enhancements, and community building initiatives.  This study will lay the groundwork for new opportunities to improve resident quality of life.Mayor Menino Selects 24-member Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative Corridor-wide Advisory Group to assist in planning for future of 9.2 mile corridor that links South Station to Readville Mayor Thomas M. Menino's selection of the Corridor-wide Advisory Group for the Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative (FIPI) includes residents, business leaders, institutional representatives, developers, and nonprofit organizations. The corridor-wide advisory group is a volunteer entity charged with assisting the BRA’s planning team in developing a long term strategy for business growth, employment opportunities, housing development, and corridor branding along the 9.2 mile Fairmount Indigo commuter rail line, which links South Station to Readville, crossing through Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park. Corridor Wide Advisory Group Members include: 
Milagros Arbaje-Thomas, Action for Boston Community Development – Mattapan
Paul Filtzer, Equity Office Properties
Jeffrey Gonyeau, Historic Boston Inc
Dorthea Hass, WalkBoston
Victor Karen, Historic Boston and Urban Land Institute
Glenn Knowles, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
Paul Malkemes, Talbot-Norfolk Triangle Neighbors United
H. Marcus Owens, Mattapan Resident
John E. Marston, Newmarket Business Association
Neil McCullagh, The American City Coalition
Paul McManus, Boston University
Marzuq Muhammad,Trinity Financial
Thomas Nally, A Better City
Karleen Porcena, Action Boston Community Development - Mattapan
Steve Roller, Hyde Park Resident 
Ethel Santos, Franklin Field Tenant Task Force
Pete Stidman, Boston Cyclists Union
John B. Sullivan, Newmarket Business Association
Matthew Thall, Fairmount Indigo Line Community Development Corporation Collaborative 
Marcia Thornhill, Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation
Michelle Waldon, Upham’s Corner Main Streets
Christian Williams, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation
Daryl D. Wright, Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation
Azzie Young, Mattapan Health Center
The BRA issued a call for nominations for the FIPI Corridor-wide Advisory Group in February 2012. The authority received 63 nominations from stakeholders, including Fairmount corridor non profits, business groups, and elected officials. Mayor Menino made the final 24 member selection based on its representative sample of the 9.2 mile Fairmount corridor.
Planning efforts around this important regional transportation corridor have been ongoing for at least 10 years.