Full Service Community Schools

What is a Full Service School?

A Full Service Community School is a place where

  • Families can get the help they need – health, mental health and social services – to support their children
  • The school building is open before and after school, in the evenings, on the weekends and during the summer
  • One or more community-based agencies partner with the school
  • Teachers, parents, students and community partners are accountable for outcomes.

Why Full Service Schools?

Research and Practice in Community Schools,” a study by the Coalition of Community Schools, finds evidence that community school students show significant gains in academic outcomes and nonacademic development. Children in community school programs on the whole had improved attendance, reduced behavior and discipline problems, greater compliance with school assignments and rules, increased access to physical and mental health services, greater contact with supportive adults, and improvements in personal and family situations. Families demonstrated improved communication with the school, and the school had access to resources and programs not otherwise available.

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