Ghosts of Boston Book Talk | October 29

Boston is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Whether you're a believer in the “Boo!” business or just an amused skeptic, journalist Sam Baltrusis navigates more than three-hundred years of the city's haunted history and uncovers a few skeletons in our collective closet. Stories of Colonial-era spirits roaming the Common and of a British soldier in full redcoat regalia standing in the middle of the tracks at the Boylston “T” station, are a few of the haunts from New England's not-so-Puritanical past.

When it comes to school spirits, Boston has more than its fair share of them. Spine-chilling tales of unexplained sounds, flickering lights, residual apparitions, and levitating objects have become a rite of passage for the uninitiated freshman adapting to life in one of the Hub's haunted dorms. The difference between Boston's specters and other run-of-the-mill ghosts? Our poltergeists are wicked smart.

Happening Wednesday October 29th 6:30 PM

Adams Street Branch Library  690 Adams Street Dorchester, MA 02122  617-436-6900