Dorchester Coalition for Safe Neighborhoods | September 24

On Tuesday, September 24th, Dorchester Coalition for Great Neighborhoods is hosting a monthly public safety meeting from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. This month, the meeting will be held at the Department of Youth Services on 425 Harvard Street, Dorchester. The meeting will be hosted by John Hughes, Regional Director. It is one of the few daytime public safety meetings held in Dorchester open to all residents, businesses, and community organizations. Parking is in the parking lot and light lunch will be provided! Read after the break for the meeting agenda.



 September Meeting Agenda 


1:00-1:10 PM

  • Welcome and Introductions

1:10-1:50 PM    Law Enforcement Updates (5 min. each) 

  • Boston Police Area C-11 Report -. Golden
  • Boston Police Area B-3 Report - Sgt. Torigian, Officer Leon
  • Transit Police Report - Lt. Fleming/Officer Liz Dumas  
  • Prosecution Update - ADA Ed Curley, ADA Mike Distefano  
  • Dorchester Court Update - ADA Darcy Kofo
  • County Sheriff's Office   
  • Probation Dept - Dorchester Court  - Trina Higgins 
  • Department of Justice/US Attorney Update - Martha Wyatt 
  • Department of Youth Services - John Hughes/D. Woodham 
  • Boston Center for Youth and Families - Anthony Meeks
  • Community-based, Faith-based, Youth Organizations, & Various Members


2:00-2:20 PM    

  • Presentation :      Percy Hayles, "Young Men's Success Series" 

2:20 - 2:30 PM Action Items

  • Community Announcements 

Next Meeting, Tuesday, October 22, 2013