St. Mark's Civic Association Meeting | March 27 2012

Wed, 03/28/2012

St. Mark's Civic Association's monthly meeting saw a small turnout, with only between 15 and 20 people present. The agenda was short - Luis Jiminez, the Association's president, had a plane to catch to Puerto Rico at 11:00! Officer Keaney reported on incidents that were recorded in the neighborhood - none were truly of note. St. Mark's area sees more incidents due to the fact that Dot Ave and Adams Street run through the neighborhood, however, none were incidents that affect residents. Joe McEachern discussed the city's eAlert program, which keeps residents informed of crime happening in their neighborhoods. The program is not meant to alarm or scare residents, but to empower neighborhoods to be aware of crime in their area and connect with each other to prevent it. It is an opportunity to work with what the police and Mayor's office is doing to prevent crime.


The next meeting is scheduled to occur on April 24. For more information about the association, visit their website at or email