Free2Create | Oct. 30

On Tuesday October 30th Not For Sale MA is hosting a Free2Create Night at the Emmanuel Gospel Center from 7 - 9pm

Free2Create night is a night where the community gathers together to learn about modern day slavery by hearing stories or watching videos related to the cause. Then as we discus what we've learned we respond by doing some medium of art. This could be visual art, creative writing, or even music. This way, while we are making the art, we are also bonding as a community to come together and work to end human trafficking. At the end of the night we have something really amazing that has been created, and can be displayed to get even more people asking questions, and learning about modern day slavery.

You do not need to be artistically talented in order to be involved, you simply just need to be inspired to stand up against the injustice of human trafficking.

For more info on the event check out the event page