Past Events

At a Glance: Safe Love 2012

This past Friday, February 17th, the GNA Teen Center hosted their 9th Annual Safe Love Dance.   Gym doors opened at 6pm for youth ages 13-19 who were welcome into the healthy relationships and lifestyle fair that kicks off the event each year. Through a host of fun interactive games, quizzes, and demonstrations, the 175+  youth in attendance were challenged, educated, and passed along a wealth of valuable information about self compassion, peaceful relationships, safe sex practices, and connected to several other community resources.  Some of the 17 organizations represented included Teen Empowerment, BARRC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center), Boston G.L.A.S.S. (Gay/ Lesbian/Bi/Trans  Adolescent Social Services) ,  MassCOSH (Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health), The Mayor’s Youthline, Close to Home, I Embrace You, Start Strong who ended the fair with a workshop on relationships, and Ritmo en Acción, whose teens kicked off the dance portion of the night at 8pm with a short set of choreographed moves on the dance floor.  Special thanks for the Safe Love Dance, which was sponsored by Dotwell, goes out to the entire GNA Staff and Peer Ambassadors, Dorchester House Security, DJ Nugget, volunteers from Social Capital Inc’s AmeriCorps Team who chaperoned and set up a photo booth, as well as youth from the Volunteer Club of the O’Bryant School for Math And Science who welcomed other youth and asked them “What does Safe Love Mean to You?.” 



A Saturday Volunteering with Greenway Gardeners


This past Saturday, I, your humble Volunteer Coordinator, spent a few hours at Pope John Paul II (PJP) park in Neponset, volunteering with Greenway Gardeners. Greenway Gardeners is a program within the Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) that brings volunteers throughout the year from across Boston to help with plantings along the Neponset River and East Boston Greenways.


When we arrived at PJP Park, the other volunteers and I quickly went to work, digging up soil and planting new trees. After that, we began to spread mulch across the area. A few of the volunteers were getting tired but thanks to our friends at BNAN, we had snacks and good company to keep us going. Finally, we spent the rest of the afternoon pulling out dried-out weeds.


All in all, this was a great way to spend an afternoon and give back to the community. While it was a small contribution, everyone who volunteered on Saturday walked away with a sense of accomplishment. And when we all take a little time to volunteer and give back, together we are bettering our communities.

BU Students Jumpstart Slow Food Movement at Boys & Girls Club

Boys and Girls Planting for Health was held on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, at the Boys and Girls Club of Boston's Blue Hill Club. The event was to build Blue Hill Club a working garden to teach its members about responsibility, healthy living, sustainability and the slow food movement. 

Garden bed experts from Slow Food Boston were on hand during the morning to advise Nature's Sustainers on building the garden beds as well as discuss the significance of them. >> Read More

GNA Connects Residents to College and Health Resources

The team at the Generation Next Academy (GNA) would like to thank all of those who came out to the 1st Annual College Fair and Health Expo last month. These sixty-five community members were able to gather resources from local colleges and technical institutes, tutoring and college access programs, and health-related organizations. Photos of the event can be found on the GNA Facebook Page. >> Read More

B-3 Haunted House is a Huge Success Again!

The B-3 Police Station on Blue Hill Avenue flooded with children on the night of October 28, just waiting to be terrified. The 2nd Annual Haunted House event had a fabulous turn out, crowds were estimated at one thousand to twelve hundred community members. The Haunted House was built in the Police Department holding cells, which made the experience even creepier! The night started with a minor mishap when the fog machines set off a smoke alarm, resulting in multiple fire trucks coming to inspect the scene. This didn't stop the crowds for waiting, some families waited over an hour for the alarms to stop just to be first in line. As the groups were lead through the cells volunteers dressed up in spooky outfits, from Scream masks to a 'Chuckie' outfit, would scream and jump out of the dark. Many children left running and wailing in fear or delight. >> Read More

Sleeping Moon Dedication

On the lovely afternoon of Tuesday, October 26, 2010, a crowd of over 200 people gathered at the north plaza of Ashmont Station where a new piece of public art was being dedicated. This ten-foot long piece titled "Sleeping Moon" was sculpted by artist Joe Wheelwright. Wheelwright himself said some touching words on his original fascination with the moon when he thought his parents told him they were going to the "moonvies". This began Wheelwright's artistic love affair and obsession with the moon. Sleeping Moon is modeled after one of the 28 small bronze moons in his series of 28 moons which began in 1980.

MBTA general manager Richard Davey also spoke and the ceremony concluded with a graceful performance by the Boston City Singers. The crowd was then invited to Ashmont Grill across the street for some spiced cider and delicious appetizers. The event was a hit and everyone seemed thrilled to have this beautiful piece of artwork introduced to their community.

Codman Square Health Center Makes National News

On Thursday, August 12, Codman Square Health Center hosted a press conference to celebrate the launch of its pilot “Fruit and Veggie Prescription Program.” Fruit & Veggie Rx is the first-ever health initiative where physicians can prescribe vouchers for local farmers markets and then monitor the impact of the increased fruit and vegetable consumption on patients’ health. Mayor Menino joined Bill Walzack, Gus Schumacher, Chairman of Wholesome Wave, and Makael Constance, a young recipient of the program in welcoming more fruits and veggies into the community.

To read the article in the New York Times, click here.

To read the article in the Boston Globe, click here.

MyDorchester Night: Play Basketball, Don't Bully

Over 20 percent of students in the U.S. are bullied with some frequency, with the same number reporting that they bully others.* Bullying – both face-to-face and through electronic media – is associated with depression, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. To draw attention to these challenges, SCI Dorchester @ DotWell joined with SCI Milford to create events during AmeriCorps Week, May 8-15, to increase awareness of the seriousness of bullying and address how we as a community can provide youth with healthy alternatives to negative behavior. SCI Dorchester @ DotWell and SCI Milford recently received a grant from the Massachusetts Service Alliance to design AmeriCorps Week activities to highlight AmeriCorps service programs. SCI’s AmeriCorps Week focused on bullying, kicking off with My Dorchester Night on May 10, 2010 at 3:30pm. MyDorchester Night, in collaboration with the Safe City Unity Basketball League, consisted of a free evening of basketball games, anti-bullying PSAs, promotion of AmeriCorps programs, and introduction to the website. Through the generosity of D'Benny's Subs and More, Healthworks @ Codman and DotWell Director of Community Programs Marisa Luse, SCI Dorchester @ DotWell raffled off gift certificates to Dorchester businesses between games. >> Read More

Eat Green Save Green Graduates Improve Their Health and Finances

Eat Green, Save Green is designed to teach you how to save money, while still cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients. Classes focus on nutrition, how to choose healthy foods while following a budget, and how to create healthy meals. The group spent one class at the grocery store, assessing prices and learning how to choose fresh ingredients carefully. The current Eat Green Save Green class runs through April 15, 2010.

See below for comments from graduating members of the March 9th class:

“I definitely have increased eating veggies. I have also learned to use recipes daily that include all three food groups. I lost 1 lb a week, a total of 6 lbs! Yeah!”
-- Thomasine, Codman Square, Winter 2010 >> Read More

March Brought Over 3,000 Visitors!

It has just passed the 6 month marker since the new team has taken over, and we are proud to announce that March brought 3,337 unique visitors to our website! Our numbers have continued to grow, month after month, and we have no one to thank but you! We are still in the process of gathering feedback on all the changes here at MyDorchester, but we are hoping that you find it to be easy to navigate and full of useful information.

As our visibility rises and more visitors come to the site, more up-to-date content will be able to be added, and the more useful it will be for organizations to post information as it will reach a greater population. Our eBlast also now reaches over 1400 inboxes each week, and many are finding that the best way to stay updated on Dorchester events and programs. >> Read More