Sleeping Moon Dedication

On the lovely afternoon of Tuesday, October 26, 2010, a crowd of over 200 people gathered at the north plaza of Ashmont Station where a new piece of public art was being dedicated. This ten-foot long piece titled "Sleeping Moon" was sculpted by artist Joe Wheelwright. Wheelwright himself said some touching words on his original fascination with the moon when he thought his parents told him they were going to the "moonvies". This began Wheelwright's artistic love affair and obsession with the moon. Sleeping Moon is modeled after one of the 28 small bronze moons in his series of 28 moons which began in 1980.

MBTA general manager Richard Davey also spoke and the ceremony concluded with a graceful performance by the Boston City Singers. The crowd was then invited to Ashmont Grill across the street for some spiced cider and delicious appetizers. The event was a hit and everyone seemed thrilled to have this beautiful piece of artwork introduced to their community.