Playworks volunteers | 2017


Playworks seek volunteers from the age 50+Generation to work with children ages 5-12 as an Assistant Recess Coach in our Dorchester/Roxbury partner schools.


Volunteers must be able to:

  • Commit to mid-day school recess
  • Commit to volunteering at least once a week
  • Commit to volunteering for the bulk of the school year


By becoming a Playworks volunteer, you will become:

  • A vital member of a school’s recess team by assisting with recess games
  • Act as an informal role model or “grandparent figure” to children ages 5-12
  • Part of a national movement where adults across the country are using recess as a way to make a positive impact on the lives of children and promote healthy relationships


As a Playworks volunteer team member you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn and work with a group of other volunteers from the 50+generation.
  • Gain experience and knowledge through personalized trainings.
  • Create close and personal bonds with school aged children and teachers alike.
  • Move and be active throughout the day.
  • Become part of the larger Playworks Family.
  • Make a positive impact at schools and in the lives of children.


Please contact:

Ann at Playworks 617-708-1734

Website: (click on programs)