$5 Hubway Membership!


A great deal for those Dorchestrians who want to hook up with a bicycle short-term downtown, or in other Boston neighborhoods like Somerville. (Maybe if enough folks sign up it will convince the powers-that-be to expand Hubway into Dorchester.) Eligible residents pay only $5 for an annual membership and receive a free helmet. 

Interested? take a look at the flyer attached below (also in Haitian Creole, Spanish and Portuguese) or call 1-617-918-4458, or 1-617-534-5690 for non English speakers.

Subsidized_Flier_Ianedits9 13 2011v4_HAITIAN_FINAL.pdf359.58 KB
Subsidized_Flier_Ianedits9 13 2011v4_SPANISH_FINAL.pdf360.39 KB
Subsidized_Flier_Ianedits9 13 2011v4_PORT_FINAL.pdf359.98 KB
Hubway_Subsidized_Flier_3 28 2012.pdf8.33 MB