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ReSPECT Registry (BU/BMC)


Direct Line: 617.414.1971; Toll Free Number: 877.505.4455


The goal of The ReSPECT Registry is to support the community in learning about clinical research and finding opportunities to participate in research studies.

Boston University invites you to join The ReSPECT Registry!

The ReSPECT Registry is a way for people to find out about research studies at Boston University/Boston Medical Center (BU/BMC) that are looking for research volunteers. The registry assists people in finding those studies that might be of interest to them to participate in.

Research volunteers are very important to the many medical discoveries that continue to make our lives better. These discoveries continue to teach us how to better treat diseases, and could not have happened without research volunteers.

Some examples of clinical research discoveries are:

  • Vaccines
  • New treatments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease
  • Better ways to exercise
  • MRIs, CT Scans, X-ray machines, and diagnostic tests
  • Improved medical procedures
  • Improved ways to diagnose conditions or diseases

For more info on clinical trials, you may visit

Key Partners: 

Boston University, Boston Medical Center

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Joining is free and easy. There is no cost to you for joining the registry.  We ask you to fill out the Respect Survey online or over the phone. The survey is about you and your interests in clinical research. We keep your information secure and use it to find studies that may be of interest to you. 

To join the registry,

  1. Visit our official website at and fill out the survey,or
  2. Call the Registry staff to do the survey over the phone at 617.414.1971 or (toll free) 1.877.505.4455.
Also (or Previously) Known As...: 

Recruitment Services Program of the Clinical Translational Science Institute (ReSPECT)

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