What do Black/Land and Community Shared Solar have in common? | April 26

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Co-op Power is hosting a presentation of the Black/Land Project.

Mistinguette Smith, founder and director of the Black/Land Project, began to notice that black people (including African-Americans, Caribbean-Americans and African immigrants) think and talk about their relationship to land and place quite differently from the ways mainstream institutions do. A public park, a church filled with local history, or an immigrant community’s journey from one place to another are all stories about black relationship to land and place. Smith turns the gift of individual stories into a body of information that engages and heals black communities. The Black/Land Project gathers these stories in order to share the powerful traditions of resourcefulness, resilience and regeneration they contain.

Co-op Power's Community Shared Solar program builds cooperatively owned projects that are controlled by local communities, where the financial benefits as well as the electricity and net metering credits are funneled back to your local community.

Please join in the discussion with refreshments to follow. All are welcome.


When: Sunday, April 26th


Where: Second Church

44 Moultrie St, Dorchester


For more info:  call 617-272-3340.


John DeVito on the Kennedy Assassination | December 4

Wednesday, December 4, at 6:30pm

Author and Boston Public Library staff member John DeVito will give an illustrated talk on the tragic death of President John F. Kennedy and the ways in which it has become a vital part of our popular culture.


The location of this event will take place at the Adams Street Branch of the Boston Public Library, 690 Adams St. in Dorchester.

For more information visit

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