esther williams Film Series

Esther Williams Film Series | Jan 8-29

Break out the popcorn, Lower Mills Branch is showing classic movies. 

Thrill of a Romance 

  • 1945, NR -105 Min
  • Friday, January 8, 1pm

An army corpsman on vacation falls for lovely, but newly married, swimming instructor. 


  • 1947, NR-104 Min
  • Friday, January 15, 1pm

Mario wants to be a musician; his parents want him to be a matador. Lucky for Mario, his sister Maria is happy to take over for him in the ring.

Pagan Love Song

  • 1950, NR-76 Min
  • Friday January 22, 1pm

When a tourist in the South Seas mistakes another tourist for a native, he instantly falls in love with her and begins courting Tahitian traditions.  >> Read More

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