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Ashmont/Peabody Square Farmers Market**

1900 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester 

Ashmont MBTA plaza 

Friday, 3PM - 7 PM 

June 24 - October 14 

Boston Medical Center Farmers Market

725 Albany St, South End

BMC Shapiro Building

Thursday, 12PM - 2PM

June 24 - September 30

Boston Public Market

100 Hanover St, Downtown

Above Haymarket Station

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday,

8 AM - 8 PM

Year-Round Indoor Market

Boston Public Market Open Air Market**

136 Blackstone St, Downtown

Outside Boston Public Market

Wednesday, 11 AM - 6 PM

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Tae Kwon Do Instructor Needed

Looking for a Tae Kwon Instructor to teach Classes to elementary school children three times weekly at a local Boston Public School.  Experience working with children necessary.  Must be available in the mornings to mid afternoon. Please call 781-364-7027.  Compensation based on experience.  

Yoga Classes

Free yoga at BCYF cleveland community center. 

Where:  BCYF Cleveland Community Center, 11 Charles Street, Dorchester 

When: Monday & Wednesdays AT 7:00PM

Codman Square NDC Computer Learn Center


(617) 606-7078 or (617) 825-4224 ext.140 or (617) 825-4224 ext.142



Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

Monday - 9am-3pm

Tuesday - 12pm-6pm

Wednesday - 12pm-6pm

Thursday - 12pm-6pm

Friday - 12pm-4:30pm



To empower the Washington Columbia
Apartment residents and surrounding
community members to achieve greater
personal success by accessing the
technological, educational, and
professional resources provided by the
Codman Square Neighborhood
Development Corporation Computer
Learning Center.


Rear Entrance
108 Columbia Rd. United States
Dorchester, MA 02124
United States
Key Partners: 

Codman Square NDC

Key Programs Offered: 


*Basic Computer Skills Class (English)
*Basic Computer Skills Class (Spanish)
*College Writing Class
*Adult College Prep
*Intorduction to Microsoft Word
*Intorduction to Microsoft Excel
*Intorduction to Microsoft Powerpoint
*Walk in Employemnt Services
*Employment Training and Services(English)
*Employment Training and Services(Spanish)
*Open Access


Millenium Ten Initiative


(617) 338-0411




Millennium Ten is a coalition of longstanding community partners and new leaders that have come together to encourage residents and stakeholders to define what's next for neighborhood, specifically the Talbot Norfolk Triangle (TNT) and Four Corners neighborhoods.

The Millennium Ten neighborhoods are at the hub of new transit in Boston.  The MBTA is adding two new transit stations in the area:  one on Talbot Ave near the heart of Codman Square and another in Four Corners on Washington Street.  These two new transit stations will speed access to downtown for residents and offer an opportunity to local business in Four Corners and Codman.  This process will help leverage the possibilities in the time of growth.

The process focuses on working with neighbors, business owners, community organizations and other members of the community, tapping on their wisdom, experience and energy to take action.

Follow Millennium Ten on Facebook.


95 Berkeley St
United States
Community Meeting Space Available: 


Neighborhood Response Team (NRT)



Email: (Bowdoin-Geneva); (Mattapan)


The Neighborhood Response Team (NRT), a cross-departmental group representing Public Works, Transportation, Inspectional Services, and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, seeks to address the local and specific issues affecting Boston's neighborhoods. Meeting with residents, community organizations, and numerous municipal bodies, the Team will focus on basic city services and improvements such as street lighting and sidewalk repairs, prioritizing trash and debris removal, and cracking down on problem properties and health and safety violations.

As of Nov. 2011, there are three regular NRT meetings, to address Mattapan, Codman Square, and Four Corners; Dudley Square and Blue Hill Ave.; and the Bowdoin-Geneva areas. The meetings are co-chaired, with one chair representing an official body (such as the Office of Health and Human Services) and other representing area residents. 

The Mattapan/Codman Square/Four Corners meeting covers city services, with (as of Nov. 2011) a noted emphasis on foreclosure/absenteeism.

Likewise, the Dudley/Blue Hill Ave. meeting covers city services. Prostitution is seen to be particularly bad problem in the area and many interdepartmental actions have worked to address this issue (as of Nov. 2011).

The Bowdoin-Geneva meeting incorporates human services in addition to city services, with an emphasis on youth development and violence prevention -- specifically, the Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative. See a release on the formation of the Bowdoin-Geneva NRT here.

Key Partners: 

City Agencies:

Boston Public Health Commission, Boston Transportation Department, Boston Center for Youth and Families, Code Enforcement, Department of Neighborhood Development, Inspectional Services, Jobs and Community Services, Office of Human Services, Office of Neighborhood Services, Mayor's Office, Public Works Department, others?


Community Organizations and Collaborations:

Bowdoin Geneva Violence Intervention and Prevention, Upham's Corner Violence Intervention and Prevention,
United Neighbors Association (UNA), 4-Street Crime Watch, 

Bird Street Community Center, College Bound Dorchester, Family Nurturing Center, Roxbury Resource Center,


Faith-based: First Parish Church in Dorchester, St. Peter's Parish, 


Main Streets:

Bowdoin-Geneva Main Street
Four Corners Main Street


Bowdoin Street Health Center

Partial list!

Key Programs Offered: 

Biweekly meetings; neighborhood walkthroughts; forum for cross-departmental, cross-sector collaboration and neighborhood improvement.


Boston REACH Coalition

Mailing Address (if different than physical location): 

Erline Achille 1010 Massachusetts Ave, 6th Floor Boston, MA 02118


(617) 534-2291


(617) 534-2563

Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

Meets 1st Monday of every month, 5:30 p.m., at the Grove Hall Community Center, 51 Geneva Ave., Dorchester.


The mission of the Boston REACH Coalition is to promote health equity and eliminate racial and health inequities in Boston. REACH: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health. The 200-member coalition has met monthly for ten years. The coalition has earned an outstanding reputation in the local and public health community for its work in raising awareness of racial and ethnic health disparities, educating the public about health issues that affect the Black community in Boston, and for its credible partnerships with community members, policymakers, faith-based leaders, and academic institutions. The coalition includes community members, community groups, health care providers, business and faith leaders, and academic partners. With new funding as a Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Disparities (CEED), the coalition will expand its scope of work to address cardiovascular disease and public health issues related to men’s health, adolescent wellness, community advocacy, public policy, and environmental health. A strategic plan will ensure that community efforts to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities can be sustained.


Center for Health Equity and Social Justice
1010 Mass Ave
Boston, MA 02118
United States
Key Partners: 

Boston Public Health Commission (Center for Health Equity and Social Justice)

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Come to a meeting!

Key Programs Offered: 

Ongoing advocacy & community organizing. Community Voices The Coalition has worked with community member to identify factors that can promote or negate the health of the community. Please take a look at their projects and videos. Annual Retreat REACH Coalition members participate in this annual retreat to review and strengthen Coalition objectives and activities. Pink and Black Team: American Cancer Society Making Strides During breast cancer awareness month in October, join the Pink and Black Team to raise money for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Walk. More>> HPV Pilot Project The Boston REACH Coalition in partnership with Mass CONECT is conducting a pilot project aiming to understand better the communication barriers for underserved women with respect to the HPV vaccine and cervical cancer awareness.

Also (or Previously) Known As...: 

REACH 2010


Dorchester Board of Trade


617.398.DBOT (3268)


Since 1911, the Dorchester Board of Trade has been uniting and strengthening the community's businesses, as well as giving them a voice in the community. The Board is committed to the belief that strength among businesses, along with civic attentiveness, profits the entire community. The benefits and services of the Board of Trade are always expanding and today are greater than ever.


Greater Four Corners Action Coalition

Mailing Address (if different than physical location): 



(617) 436-0289

Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

9:30 - 5:00 p.m.


Greater Four Corners Action Coalition works to promote neighborhood stabilization in the Four Corners Community of Dorchester, Massachusetts. This is accomplished by adressing the issues of crime and safety, through organizing residents, providing positive opportunities for youth, promoting economic development and collaborating with others. Our priority roles are: Organizer, Service Provider, and Collaborator/Supporter of other efforts.GFCAC is in the forefront of the change in local community organizing. Organizations are collaborating to effect regional planning and create standing policies so as not to have to put out the same fires over and over again. Our current work reflects this new direction. We also aim to address issues of transportation, environmental and economic justice. GFCAC spearheaded efforts to bring improved transportation services to the Four Corners community, advocating for new stops on the Fairmount line.


367 Washington Street
Dorchester, MA
United States
Key Partners: 

ACE, Codman Square NDC, Bowdoin/Geneva Health Center, On The Move: Greater Boston Transportation Justice Coalition

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Call 617-436-0289 to join for a nominal fee. One can join anytime and get involved or one can attend the annual meeting. Board elections will be held and membership is open to all. This meeting is held annually on the second Thursday in October.

Key Programs Offered: 


Community Meeting Space Available: 



Columbia Washington Street Neighborhood Association


(617) 989-8668


Our mission is to promote social, economic, environmental justice, crime prevention, neighborhood development, and increase access to resources via transportion. We engage residents to be more active in their community in order to accomplish our mission.

Key Partners: 

Four Corners Action Coalition

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Attend the Monthly meetings

Community Meeting Space Available: 


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