St. Mary's Woman And Children's Center

St. Mary's Center for Woman and Children


(617) 436-8600

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St. Mary's Women and Children's Center is a diverse community of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of all women, children, and families who struggle against a variety of life altering traumatic events. Through a culturally competent, strengths-based practice, we strive to treat all individuals with respect. In order to promote diversity and cultural competency, St. Mary's is committed to undertaking strategies and actions that embrace and value differences and similarities among employees, families, and the community. We recognize diversity and empowerment as powerful forces for change, innovation, and opportunity. We are committed to creating hope, increasing awareness, and promoting the ability to discover one's own voice and to act. Caritas Christi is a regional health system of compassionate caregivers that embodies the spirit of Christ's healing ministry and demonstrates excellence in service, research and education.


90 Cushing Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02125
United States
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