Become an Academic Mentor! |Jan. 31, 2018


Boston Partners in Education is seeking volunteer academic mentors to support Boston’s public schools students by providing them with focused, individualized, in-school mentoring.

What do Academic Mentors do?

Academic mentors work one-on-one or with a small group of 2-4 students for an hour a week during the school day. As an academic mentor, you will support a student’s academic and personal growth, and in many cases become an adult role model. Opportunities are available in all grades (pre K-12) and subject areas.


Student/Volunteer matches are made based on your preferences:

  • Location-- Boston Public Schools in Dorchester and beyond!

  • Availability

  • Subject matter

  • Grade level

  • One-on-one vs. small group work

Apply at:

For more info, please email or call 617.451.6145


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