Weight Watchers Class | Jan. 31


In collaboration with the Boston Public Health Commission and Weight Watchers, Dorchester House is fortunate to be one of the three community health centers in Boston offering both Weight Watchers meetings and subsidized memberships for eligible people.  The Dorchester House  Weight Watchers meetings begin this Thursday,  January 31, in the Multipurpose room.   The Weigh-In begins @ 5:30..

There will be VIP passes ($10 discount) available for staff who attend the meeting.  Just  show your DH badge at the meeting and ask for the “VIP pass”.

There are also subsidized memberships for Boston Residents who meet the following criteria:

·         18 years or older,

·          Are on WIC/Food Stamps or Mass Health.

·         Have a of BMI 27 or greater

If you or someone you knows meets this criteria, and is interested in the subsidized membership of $2.50 per meeting, contact myself (x2636)  or Alicia O’Donnell (x 2596) and we will give you a special Referral Card to bring to the meeting.