Youth Violence and Its Impact on the Community | March 5


Wheelock College warmly welcomes the public to the second of the Winter Policy Talks series, "Youth Violence and Its Impact on the Community." Youth violence is a public health crisis in the United States. Based on the most recent statistics, approximately 20 percent of high school students report being bullied at school, and over 30 percent report being in a physical fight. Homicide is the second leading cause of death of young people, with an average of 16 youth murdered every day.

Please join for a  powerful presentation by Ann Tobey, Associate Professor, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy at Wheelock College; Clementina Chery, Founder and Executive Director at The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute; Ed Powell, Executive Director at StreetSafe Boston; and Ulric Johnson, Founder of Teens Against Gang Violence TAGv, who will discuss youth violence, its impact on our community and violence prevention and intervention.

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