Dorchester Head Start (ABCD)



Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

Monday through Friday from 8:30-2:30pm
Extended day is available from 7:30-5:30pm.


The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities and services to the culturally diverse families in the Dorchester neighborhood. It is a comprehensive Head Start program in partnership with parents. It serves families for twenty-five hours weekly, assisting them in self-sufficiency and success in life. The program's philosophy is to promote self-help and self-sufficiency. Its goals are as follows:
1. To provide an education that improves children's ability to think, reason, communicate and develop self-esteem through meaningful social interaction with peers and teachers.
2. To provide integrated services in the areas of education, health, nutrition and social and mental health.
3. To serve healthy breakfast, lunches and snacks to ensure good nutrition.


ABCD Dorchester Head Start
110 Claybourne Street
Dorchester, MA 02121
United States
How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

Walk-in application process. Your child must turn 3 on or before September 1, 2006. Please call Dorchester Head Start (617)282-1100 for more information.
To apply, you must bring the following:
-Child's Birth Certificate
-Social Security Cards for all family members
-Medical Insurance Card
-Two proofs of residence(phone bill, utility bill, etc)
-2 Proof of income (4 recent pay stubs or Welfare letter of verification)
-Application are taken: Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M.- 3:30 P.M.
-Vouchers are acceptable for the Extended Day Program.
-If you get paid bi-weekly bring 2 proofs of income
-If you get paid weekly bring 4 proffs of income

Key Programs Offered: 

The extended day program is available, the program go by a sliding scale or vouchers.

Community Meeting Space Available: