B-3 Food Festival | May 26

Fifth Annual B-3 Food Festival, a lunch and dinner time event.

When: Thurs, May 26 11:00am -7:00pm or until the food is all gone!

Where: Boston Police/VFW Post #1018, 500 Morton St, Dorchester (Free and ample parking)

Tickets: $10 per plate in advance, $13 per plate at the door. Beverages and desserts $1 each. 

Food dishes are from Boston restaurants and law enforcement officers.  

All day raffle with winners drawn at the end of the event. Proceeds to benefit B-3 Community Programs.


For more information and tickets please contact:

B-3 CSO Office: 617-343-4717

William Dickerson: william.dickerson@pd.boston.gov

Cynthia Physic: cynthia.physic@pd.boston.gov

Pele James: pele.james@pd.boston.gov

Muryelle Staco: muryelle.staco@pd.boston.gov

Linda Lyons: linda.lyons@pd.boston.gov

Steven Parham: steven.parham@pd.boston.gov