Boston Natural Areas Network





Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN), organized in 1977, works to preserve, expand and improve urban open space through community organizing, acquisition, ownership, programming, development and management of special kinds of urban land.


62 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110-1016
United States
How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures: 

You can join, volunteer or donate to BNAN Here

Key Programs Offered: 

The Greenways to Boston Harbor program - Working with the community and public officials to create and maintain the Neposet River and East Boston Greenways. Thie project facilitates the development of a voluntary neighborhood strategy for preserving the scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources while encouraging compatible economic development and land use.

Master Urban Gardener Program - The MUG program is an intensive 8-session "Master Gardener-model" program for people who want to increase their community garden knowledge, meet other community gardeners and provide volunteer service to community gardens.

Youth Conservation Corps - The YCC will have served over 500 girls and boys ranging in age from 15-17. Teams will work along the Neponset River Greenway, the East Boston Greenway and in Boston’s Urban Wilds. The teens learn teamwork and job skills while engaged in environmental improvement projects involving environmental restoration, trail building, landscaping and more.

Boston Gardeners' Council - The BGC meets regularly to organize and promote sustainable urban gardening efforts and community gardening. We believe that gardens are as integral to Boston as its parks and playgrounds, and that they are to be included in city planning and are to receive regular municipal support and services. We want every neighborhood to have access to gardens, where all diverse residents can enjoy the benefits of healthy food, recreation and community beautification, with neighbors working together for their common interest.