BPS Community Plan-It, Begins Sep. 15


BPS Community Plan-It begins September 15! Have your voices heard as the district develops its new accountability system: from September 15th to October 20th, Community PlanIT will serve as a platform for the district’s first “virtual town hall meeting” - engaging BPS staff-people, parents, students and other members of the community on how we should rate our schools’ performance and the opportunities they offer. The exercise will culminate with a real face-to-face town hall meeting for all participants on October 20th at English High School.

Go to http://communityplanit.org and click on the Boston Public Schools link on the left pane to begin! Over 500 people are already registered, and groups of students across the district will play a more active role – producing video content and posing “challenges” to participants in the conversation. To get your students, parents, staff or partners engaged, contact Carl Allen in the Office of Accountability at callen2@boston.k12.ma.us – or send them straight to http://communityplanit.org.