Boston Remembers: From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Ferguson and Orlando | Aug. 9

 To underscore the need for immediate action, Massachusetts Peace Action and cosponsors will stage a procession and outdoor commemoration events in Boston with music, dance, and speakers, in order to stimulate a public dialogue about the need to abolish nuclear weapons, the necessity for more stringent gun control, and the need for top to bottom overhaul in our policing. 

“Violence and racism seem to be stalking our society everywhere today,” commented event organizer Shelagh Foreman. “From the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the police killing in Ferguson, Missouri, to the recent killing of 49 victims in Orlando, Florida, the ongoing spiral of violence reveals a dark cloud over our society. Rampant gun violence and mass killings in the United States and the continuing hatred facing the LGBT+ community, express distress in our society. Police brutality in minority communities facing unemployment, poor schools and poor housing, while the money needed to deal with these needs is being spent on wars and the $1 trillion nuclear weapons buildup, all symptoms of violence closely tied with racism in our society.”

When: Tuesday, August 9 at 3pm 

Where: 66 Marlborough St. 


Peace groups, people of faith, and communities across Massachusetts have organized over a dozen events commemorating Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Week (August 5-9, 2016). See the calendar of events at for details.