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CMECC is committed to developing higher thinking skills for young and older minds alike; named in part in memory of founder's mother, Mrs. Willemae Polk, who was an avid supporter of education, and in recognition of her admiration for family and community values. Founded August 10, 2006 by Paula Nelson, a former inclusion and transitional teacher with a Masters degree in Education, CMECC has always used proven educational techniques to instruct students. Paula Nelson believe, like many forward-thinking educators of the 21st Century frame of mind that, although many teachers did an admirable job in the classroom, many children did not learn well in traditional institutions, which explains why many children don't respond to the assembly line nature of most institutions. She believes that a child's strengths and natural ability needs to be the foundation of learning. For this cause, Paula Nelson warns against a "Cookie cutter" approach to educating children.


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At CMECC, your child is seen as an individual, and natural strengths are identified by pretesting and built upon by goals outlined in his or her Student Individual Learning Plan (SILP); and post testing after the completion of the tutorial program, to aid in the development of ongoing learning. In 2008, CMECC adopted the name T.H.R.I.V.E., Teaching, Helping, Reaching, Inspiring, Visioning, Educating (for social equality), to better illustrate its mission to help at-risk children, youth and families achieve, to their fullest potential. The T.H.R.I.V.E. Program is a rigorous, engaging, and student-directed tutorial-based curriculum, offered year-round for remediation and enrichment in reading, ELA (English Language Arts), math and phonemic awareness via computer-assisted instruction, one-on-one and small group instruction to Grades K1-7, ESL (English as a Second Language), and now, Adult (English for Speakers of Other Languages) ESOL/GED (General Education Development) direct instruction, at your choice of location. Special Needs Our techniques for supporting students with learning disabilities have a remarkable success rate. We begin by defining what a successful outcome is, and design strategies to achieve your desired outcome. From students with reading problems, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing problems to those who are formally diagnosed as learning disabled, we will find the right tutor and right plan for each child. ESL and Phonemic Awareness for Educational Advancement and Reinforcement We offer an opportunity to children to gain greater understanding of subject matter through application of skills. We can build on knowledge that children bring with them into the tutoring environment. Study Skill Development/Test Preparation We can develop successful skills and strategies for critical study skill to test taking that are appropriate for simple spelling tests to rigorous standardized tests to lifelong learning techniques. We provide opportunities to apply skills learned so students will feel confident, prepared, and familiar with everyday classroom learning and a testing situation. Relaxation and concentration techniques are central building blocks of the T.H.R.I.V.E., program. Adult Basic Education (ABE) - ESL/GED/Career Enhancement/Development We offer ESL/ESOL and ABE/GED classes by appointment for serious individuals. We can help you build on your knowledge, confidence and self-esteem, communication and effectiveness in your area of work or business. Department of Education Approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider We use proven instructional strategies and curricula to enhance classroom learning for Grades 1-6 students with local schools and districts; and in the comfort of student's home, community center, local library, church or the Center. Parent Involvement/Educational Guidance Consultant for The 21st Century and Beyond Community CMECC is honored to be an approved provider of Supplemental Educational Services in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the added capacity to foster student improvement by linking curriculum and instruction to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System relative to language and literacy across the content areas. This allows CMECC to provide FREE tutoring services to students at eligible schools through the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), 2001 to improve their grades, raise their test scores, learn effective study skills, build academic self-esteem, and reach their greatest potential. CMECC offers engaging professional services to guide, educate and assist families in the parent, family and community involvement process in a user-friendly way. Paula Nelson: Endorsed by National ParentNet Association as a Parent Trainer, ParentNet/Local Speaker, Parenting Education, National Speaker. Notary Public We offer notary services at a reduced rate to clients and the local community. Business Certification/Educational Consulting/Career Development Training Certified by the Supplier Diveristy Office (SDO formerly SOMWBA) as (MBE and WBE) with the business description, EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT: ADVOCACY AND SUPPORTIVE SERVICES FOR AT RISK CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES; ADULT BASIC EDUCATION AND NOTARY PUBLIC.

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