Cronin Wainwright Park Community Meeting, Jan. 31

The public is invited to a meeting for improving Cronin Wainwright Park on January 31 at 6:30pm at the Epiphany School Assembly Hall. As part of the Boston Parks and Recreation’s continuing efforts to provide quality open space and recreation areas for use and enjoyment by all residents of the city, efforts are underway to make improvements to the Cronin Wainwright Park. Boston Parks and Recreation are looking for interested community members to help determine how Cronin Wainwright Park will look and function in the future. This park renovation provides a unique opportunity to create a space for all. At this first meeting a site analysis will be presented and a list of desirable features will be developed. Come share your ideas and opinions at this open meeting!

The Parks Department is very interested in what the community has to contribute to the design process. Representatives from CBA Landscape Architects, as well as a Parks Department official, will be on hand to give a brief presentation of the project scope and existing site conditions. Following this brief presentation, community members will be able to offer input regarding the material presented, the program for the park, and the design process.

For more information please call Cathy Baker-Eclipse at the Boston Parks and Recreation Department (617) 961-3058 or email

6:30pm, January 31,2011
Epiphany School Assembly Hall
154 Centre Street
Dorchester, MA

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