Valentines Day Dinner | February 14

Friday, February 14 at 6:30pm,the Dot 2 Dot Cafe will host their "Valentines Day Dinner."

Join them this Friday - as friends, as lovers, as groups or even on your own. There are enough of them there to make you feel welcome and you can always sing along with Ali.

The details are:



Sesame and soy glazed duck breast served on top of Asian salad

Potted shrimp pate served with herbed focaccia

Piedmont roasted pepper (red pepper stuffed with tomatoes, basil, garlic) served with herbed focaccia (v)

Main Course

Chicken with sherry vinegar, tarragon and crème fraiche served with potato gratin and roasted asparagus

Salmon fillet in filo pastry with garlic, ginger, cilantro and raisins, served with herbed polenta and baby spinach

Sweet chilli tofu served on top of a roasted garlic and quinoa ‘pancake’ with stir fried kale (v)


Grand Marnier cheesecake with fresh strawberries

Chocolate espresso mousse with fresh whipped vanilla cream

Coconut rice pudding served with prunes macerated in Marsala (v)

$45 per head, 10% reduction if booked before February 5th.

NOTE: Reservations are required as there is only 1 sitting and tables are limited. Dinner served from 6.30pm

Please call the cafe on 617 436 2368 or e-mail