Dorchester Bay EDC






Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation acts to build a strong, thriving, and diverse community in Boston’s north Dorchester neighborhoods. Working closely with neighborhood residents and partners, we access resources to:
Develop and preserve affordable home ownership and rental housing,
Create and sustain commercial and economic development opportunities, and
Build community power through organizing and leadership development.


594 Columbia Rd Ste 302
Dorchester, MA 02125
United States
Key Programs Offered: 

Homeowner Services provides home improvement and deleading loans for unbankable homeowners. The focus is keeping low to moderate income homeowners in their home; by decreasing maintenance costs, avoiding foreclosure, rehabbing uninhabitable units, educating the homeowner in financial literacy and increasing energy conservation. In our eleven year program we have lent more than $1.5 million and rehabbed 239 units of housing.

Youth Force Program is a youth leadership initiative that trains local teens to be community leaders and community organizers, who in turn train other local teens to be leaders and organizers in their own neighborhoods. The program is designed in a community organizing framework, and it focuses on building youth leaders, building youth relationships and building youth power. Youth Force members learn leadership and community organizing skills such as meeting facilitation, engaging in campaign work, relational meetings, power analysis and research actions. The program goal is to build youth power in Dorchester and beyond and to strengthen the local community by tackling specific, winnable issues. We grow leaders through engaging them in the issues that affect them directly.

Learning Is a Fun Experience (L.I.F.E.) is a new drop-in after school program with homework help, Internet research, public speaking, visual arts, ceramics, digital arts production, literacy and math computer games, sports, fun and enrichment activities.

Seniors Program supports approximately 90 elders living in and nearby Dorchester Bay rental units. Meeting three times weekly, they enhance their quality of life by offering community-based case management services and enrichment, prevention, education, and intervention programming. Rock and Roll Seniors pays stipends to seniors to use their expertise and energy to design their own program. They remain safe, connected and active.

TechnoBay Computer Training is an inter-genrational computer training course geared for families. Both parent and chilld learn about computer hardware and software. All courses are free of charge. For more information about the course contact Karen Cookie Sheers at 617-825-4200 x225