Dorchester Community Food Co-op

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The Dorchester Community Co-op is an organization currently in formation by residents of Dorchester, MA and surrounding communities, who are in the process of creating a food cooperative - a community-owned business that will bring healthy food into the community and make it accessible to all.

The Dorchester Community Co-op is committed to:

  • Inclusivity: The co-op will celebrate the diversity of our neighborhoods and reach out to the different ethnic groups, age range, and mixed income groups that make up our community.
  • Healthy Food:  Access to healthy, affordable, and nutritious food is essential to creating a healthy community.
  • Building Community: The coop will serve as a dynamic space to bring people together.
  • Sustainability: Social, economic and environmental sustainability are the cornerstones of the co-op business model.
  • New Economic Model: An economy controlled by its local residents provides stability.
  • Youth: Engaging our youth is important for building our future.
  • Jobs for our Community: Money spent in our community creates more local jobs and supports the Dorchester community.


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Please help by:

  • Joining the mailing list.
  • Pledging to become a member-owner.
  • Volunteering to help organize the co-op.
  • Follow DotCommCoop on twitter @DotCommCoop and on Facebook.
  • Telling neighbors and friends about the co-op.

Please contact Dorchester Community Food Coop via e-mail - help, support and ideas welcomed!

Key Programs Offered: 

Dorchester Winter Farmers' Market 2012 - 6 Norfolk Street, Codman Square, every Sunday 12-3, January through March


The Community Food Coop is in the preliminary phases of planning which means that now is a great time to get involved and have your voice heard!

Current primary goals are spreading the word about the co-op and involving as many people as possible now, in the beginning stages.

Activities planned for the coming months: location research, a neighborhood resident survey, and completion of feasibility and marketing studies. The community's help and input is essential to move this process forward! The co-op will need a minimum of 500 paid members-owners to break ground.