Dorchester Youth Alternative Academy




Dorchester Youth Alternative's goal is to increase student attendance, enhance academic growth, improve behavior at school, and engage parents and guardians in the educational process so that students may function effectively and successfully in the school setting.

DYA is committed to the education of Boston youths aged 12-16 with a Children in Need of Services (CHINS) truancy petition through the Juvenile Court system.


18 Samoset St
Boston, MA 02124
United States
Key Partners: 

Boston Youth Service Network (BYSN) is a group of providers in communities throughout Boston who are committed to sharing best practices and working together to develop a range of services that may be defined as an alternative school-to-career system.

Key Programs Offered: 

Students enter DYA working at different grade levels. Each student’s curriculum is designed for them individually. Every student receives personalized assistance, in addition to time spent on individual coursework, students are also taught and works in groups.