Food Coop Ambassador Training, Sep. 30

Bring food access to Dorchester! Come hear about the plans to get healthy, affordable food in Dorchester by building a Community Food Co-op. A training and educational workshop will take place Friday, September 30 at the Codman Square Tech Center (450 Washington Street, Dorchester) from 10 to 12 p.m. You may also visit

Want to contribute in another way? Lend your voice by taking a survey - what would YOU want a co-op to offer? Where should the coop go? Help define a community-inclusive mission by taking the Food Co-op survey at

Ambassador Training: Learn how to answer questions and talk to your neighbors about the project. Training will include topics such as: What is a Food Coop? How does it work? Why should I join? How can I have a house party to let my neighbors know about the Coop? Do you speak Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole or Spanish? You are needed! The Dorchester Community Food Coop will celebrate our diversity in every way possible, and the Food Coop Ambassadors need to represent the full range of communities in Dorchester.

Join the effort to determine a product mix and that will serve all members of our community and create a communal space for us to share our cultures.