Hoop Suite Face Off, Sep. 17

Anna Myer & Dancers

Anna Myer and Dancers embarks on a new venture in conjunction with Youth Link/NAFI! The Hoop Suite Project relies on the interface of various art forms, and the creative participation of urban youths. Classical violin, contemporary dance, Hip Hop, rap and spoken word unite to create a new language; language being that tool which connects people, communities and enables social change. To attract dancers to this project, Anna Myer and Dancers will hold September 17, at The Boys and Girls Club, 15 Talbot Street, Dorchester, MA. Groups and individual contestants ages 15 to 19 are welcome. Registration will take place from 2:45 to 3:15 p.m. Win cash, a chance to participate in Hoop Suite and bragging rights! For more information, contact Anna Myer: 617-513-9314; annamyer@comcast.net.

Through performances and workshops, Hoop Suite will bridge the gap between the stage and the court. As an outreach program, this collaboration will stimulate new conversation, new community, and offer an expressive safe-haven for disparate voices that would not otherwise have exposure to the arts. (Photo Credit: Anna Myer & Dancers)

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