St. Patrick's Youth Soccer Program, May 23

Photo by Glenn Harper. CC Attribution Share-Alike License.Flavio Daveiga of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services invites you and your child to attend the first clinic/practice on Monday, May 23, at 5:00 p.m. at the new soccer field of the Kroc Center, 600 Dudley Street. He will be serving as one of the soccer coaches.

You will get a chance to meet other coaches and parents, visit the field and tour the new community center if you are interested. You will also learn about summer and fall programs and other opportunities for the children. For more information contact Flavio Daveiga, Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, at 617-635-1880 or read on. [Photo Credit - Flickr User Glenn Harper]

Your child will have his/her first clinic/practice.
They should be wearing at least a pair of shin guards.
Cleats are recommended because of the turf surface.
Please note: If you, the parent, are unable to attend for any reason, please ask an adult relative/friend to accompany your child.