M.Y H.O.O.D Basketball Tournament Fundraiser, Mar. 12-13

M.Y H.O.O.D Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams, Inc is hosting a Basketball Tournament at The Epiphany School Gymnasium and is looking for players to come join in on the fun! M.Y H.O.O.D is a non-profit organization which focuses on addressing the unstable social behaviors by youth. Their mission is to provide a creative and educational outlet for youth striving to accomplish goals and dreams in life. M.Y H.O.O.D targets youth between the ages of 10 to 19 years of age in Massachusetts that need support in groups and direction.

The organization is looking for basketball players with all talent levels, so come show off your basketball skills and help a great cause by making youth’s dreams come true! There will be food stands, music and tons of fun to be had at this event! Trophies and gift certificates will be given out to the winners. The attachment below provides more information and team applications.

Two Divisions (College Rules Apply):

16 years old & under - (16 Min. Halves) 8 Teams, max of 10 Players ($150.00 per team)
Open Bracket (All ages) – (20 Min. Halves) 8 Teams, max of 10 players ($150.00 per team)

Through collaborative programming with schools and other community-based organizations such as Louis D Brown Peace Institute, Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, and Mass Mentoring Partnership, M.Y H.O.O.D provides educational, social, health services, and mentoring opportunities to enhance the academic performance, social, and community connections, and career options of the youth. M.Y H.O.O.D presents the tools and knowledge necessary to explore how to achieve and make dreams become reality.

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