Popular Opinion Leaders (POL) Training #1 | Oct. 11

"In collaboration with the Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) and Fenway Health, HBGC implements a community intervention aimed at challenging social norms around HIV and HIV testing.  The program trains individuals how to have relaxed and accurate conversations with their peers about HIV and HIV testing.

Undergoing the training empowers participants to communicate to their peers about the importance of practicing safe sex and getting tested regularly.  As a result of the program, individuals are able to create lasting change by helping to increase awareness of HIV while supporting the people they care most about in lowering their risk.

Program participants receive a $50 gift card after completing the two trainings associated with the program and reporting back on how 10 of the conversations went.

ENROLL: The first training for the next class of POLs will be Thursday, October 11th at 6pm.  To sign up or for more information, email Corey Yarbrough at cyarbrough@hbgc-boston.org"