Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation


(617) 442-5711

Hours of operation (or meeting times & dates): 

Monday - Friday


Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation is a non-profit organization serving residents with the greatest need in the Grove Hall Area through the development of social, economic and housing opportunities. Specifically, our mission entails:

-Providing affordable rental homes through renovation and new construction
-Preserving the supply and quality of affordable rental housing
-Encouraging and assisting local commercial development
-Developing economic and employment opportunities
-Supporting residents with social and family service programs
-Improving residents quality of life and ensuring public safety


Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation
320 Blue Hill Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02121
United States
Key Programs Offered: 

Real Estate and Commercial Property Development: Responsible for assembling proposals for property development and for overseeing financing and construction of these developments.
Resident Services Department: Coordinates existing services for children, youth and families and develops new services to meet the needs of residents living in QGHC properties and the in the target area.
Workforce Development Department: Creation of job opportunities, skill development and training.
Foreclosure: Counseling, prevention, counseling, recycling, rehabbing, property management.
Administration and Fiscal Support: After a major reorganization and restructuring, QGHC currently operates with a small staff. The staff consists of the Executive Director, an Executive Assistant, secretary, three resident services workers and volunteers who work on special projects. A financial team including bookkeepers and auditors manages a financial reporting system and submits on schedule all filings and financial reports. QGHC provides technical and financial assistance to a variety of local organizations including the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association, Grove Hall Board of Trade, Grove Hall Main Streets, and Friends of the Franklin Park Zoo

Also (or Previously) Known As...: 

New Vision Community Development Corporation