"The Great Recession: Impacts and Responses" talk at UMASS Boston, Oct. 28

The Research Center for Urban Cultural History presents "The Great Recession: Impacts and Responses" organized by Keith Bentele, UMB Sociology Department. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, as of July 15, 2010 there were more than 31 million people unemployed. The deterioration of the U.S. economy began at least as early as January 2007. What has been the effect on American society, culture, and practices?

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The symposium “The Great Recession: Impacts and Responses” will bring together UMass Boston faculty that are conducting research on the effects of, or policy responses to, the ongoing recession. There will be six presentations from faculty in the Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Public Policy departments. In addition to the multi-disciplinary nature of approaches, topics across the speakers will range from addressing national, local, and cultural impacts of the recession as well as various ongoing policy responses. This event will take place Thursday, October 28th from 2-4:30 in Room 0011B 11th floor Healey Library.

Talks by:

Randy Albelda & Diana Salas – UMB Economics, and Women in Public Policy and Public Affairs "Women in the Down Economy: Impacts of the Recession and the Stimulus in Massachusetts."
Keith Bentele – UMB Sociology “State-level Poverty, Inequality, and the Social Safety Net in the Great Recession”
Erin O’Brien - UMB Political Science "Constructing the Downturn's Victims: Deservedness, Division, and Collective Identity."
Michael Johnson – UMB Public Policy and Public Affairs "Policy and Practice for Foreclosed Housing Acquisition and Community Redevelopment".
Donna Friedman – UMB Public Policy "Cross-Sector, Place-Based and People-Based Initiatives in Boston: Innovative Social Change Experiments"
Arjun Jayadev – UMB Economics "Fiscal Response to the Crisis"

Thursday, October 28th from 2-4:30 in Room 0011B
11th floor Healey Library
100 William T Morrissey Blvd
Dorchester, MA 02125-3300
LIBRARY phone number: (617) 287-5910